At the beginning of the nineties of last century, Binalia was already working brass manufactures, and it was taken from a group of European entrepreneurs, who praised solid experiences in the specific sector. Between these entrepreneurs there were persons engaged as much as in the production and in the marketing of those goods.
In that period the company knew a thorough renovation, and it was endowed of cutting edge machineries conducted by specialized technical.
Beginning from the first years of the new millennium the company is the leading actor as much as corporate structures changes and a redefinition of its own core business: from a subject acting on behalf of third parties to a company with its own range of products for doors and windows, ranging over brass and other raw materials.

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Verofer was founded at the end of the nineties of last century, from a group of entrepreneurs both Romanians and Italians, who were able to count on the experience of Mr Vercellini, the majority shareholder.
He and his staff planned the diversification of the productions, adding to the traditional line of handles and locks even the line of security cylinders, to offer a diversified fan of goods dedicated at the security of buildings.
In the years, the productive flairs of Mr Vercellini have favored the emergence of synergies with European companies (leaders in the industry of doors and windows), which praise a specialization both in the realization of hinges for doors, anodized handles, high system of locks, and in the innovative sector of the sliding doors.

Our group nowadays

In the next months, the productive ways of Binalia and Verofer will join, to create an unique business reality able to purpose on the market as absolute protagonist in its sector.
Always paying attention to the requests of the costumers, we could better head the chance in the domestic and foreign market, combining the energy of the staff both of Verofer and Binalia.

Certified ISO 9001:2008

The hallmark of our products is the full respect of the European standards of quality, security and design. It is no coincidence, for example, that our cylinders are completely realized in brass, with raw material certificate EN 10 204 2.2 and have implemented a quality system ISO 9001:2008.

European Standard EN 1774

A large range of our production is realized in brass, alloy of copper and zinc, which is easy to mold and hard proof to corrosion, while our manufactures in zamak respect the European standard as 410 EN1774 and are ermined with copper, which isolates and protects against corrosive agents.


Protagonists from years on the international market as well as on the Romanian market , for Binalia and Verofer, during their diversified production history, the respect of costumers has been their qualifying point.
The companies succeeded by achieving productive performances, where the quality of production is combined with style and good functionality of the various range of goods which gives birth to the new catalogue we are pleased to present.